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Monday, May 25, 2015

Volunteer Instructions - Field Day

Parent volunteers/teachers will be responsible for running games/activities and helping the students be respectful, engage, and have a good time. Thank you for your help!

Click HERE to view/print/download the schedule for grades 1-3.
The 3-legged race has been changed to a sack race.

Click HERE to view/print/download the schedule for grades 4-6.
The 3-legged race has been changed to a sack race.

Flag Tag

Rules: Each student puts two flags on his/her belt. Flags must be easily accessible (not stuffed into pockets or into pants/skirt). Students are divided into 2 groups. Each student is “it.” When the leader says “GO,” each student tries to pull flags of the opposite color off of the belts of other students. When both of your flags are pulled off, you are out and you go to the side and sit down. When all the flags of one color are pulled off, the other team wins.

Multiple games can be played as time permits.

Sponge Relay

Rules – Sponge: Using 3 groups of equal number in lines, line up between buckets. The first person in line picks up a sponge out of the bucket of water with 2 hands. Using 2 hands, they hand the sponge to the next person in line OVER their head. The next person takes the sponge with 2 hands and, putting the sponge between their legs, hands it to the person behind them. The pattern continues OVER and UNDER until the sponge reaches the back of the line and the last person puts it in the other bucket. When all the sponges are in the back bucket, the pattern reverses and all sponges are likewise moved back to the front bucket using the OVER and UNDER pattern (students should turn around to face the back). The first team to move all the sponges from the front bucket to the back bucket and back to the front bucket while following the rules wins.

50-yard Dash

Each class will run a sprint. Distance will be marked on the field. Top three runners will receive a ribbon. Do not give out extra ribbons, or the students in the afternoon classes won't get any. If there's a tie, have a tie-breaker race.

Sack Race

Students divide into groups and race as the number of sacks permit. No prizes, just for fun.

Tug o’ War

Rules – Classes will be divided several times into different groups to complete this challenge. Divisions should include:
  • Boys (Class 1) vs Girls (Class 1) and Boys (Class 2) vs Girls (Class 2)
  • Boys (Class 1) vs Boys (Class 2)
  • Girls (Class 1) vs Girls (Class 2)
  • Class 1 vs Class 2

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