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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Westlake Ballroom Kids' Camp Fund-Raiser

Westlake High School is proud to present its annual Ballroom Kids' Camp fund-raiser. It is a great chance for students in kindergarten - 6th grade to learn a ballroom dance and perform it at our winter performance: Dancing Up A Storm.

The cost is $35/student, payable at the Westlake High School finance office or through (Westlake > Public Fees > Ballroom). All funds raised will go to helping the Westlake Varsity Team perform at Disneyland in April.

Grades K-3
Lessons: December 2, 3, and 4 from 4-5pm
Perform: night of December 4

Grades 4-6
Lessons: December 4, 5, and 6 from 4-5pm.
Perform: night of December 6

December PTA meeting minutes

Saratoga Shores PTA Meeting
December 2, 2014

Attending: Sara Hoen, Deanna Williams, Jennifer Ball, Brittaney Berbert, Mrs. Bean, Dr. Thomas, Deborah Glissmeyer, Leslie McCleery, Stephanie Norris, Lori Lessard, Melissa Brown, Jennifer Taylor, Nicolette Fike

Sara called meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

Notes from November PTA meeting - Deanna reviewed the minutes and moved to approve; Jill Derrington seconded.

Yearbooks- Mrs. Bean how well did the yearbooks sell? We lost money last year. Maybe sell them with dues? We can revisit this for next year. Kristine Peterson is over yearbooks. She is planning to sell at parent-teacher conferences. Mrs. Ross will email her to see if she wants to sell before Christmas.

Sara moved to cancel January’s meeting. The next board meeting will be on February 3.

  • Since we have to write a check for the t-shirts we need to vote on that. $1800. Jill Derrington motions to approve, Jennifer Taylor seconds.
  • Grant- Take home reading $478.
  • Dads and Dogs- It was a success, about 200 dads came and we ran out of hot dogs. We decided we need more hotdogs for next time. We need to vote for another $200 for that. The other one is in March. Dr. T- the attendance at things this year has been far better than last year. Now we are getting the crowds that we wanted. You are doing a good job with getting the word out. We had 110 meals last time so our plan is to double that number. And we’ll continue to advertise. Also advertise that we are doubling the food. We had $500 in the budget to cover two Dads & Dogs events. Sara moved to approve a budget increase to $700. Brittaney Berbert seconded the motion, and it was approved by members in attendance.
  • Mrs. Gubler was going to submit a grant for music, but she hasn’t turned it in yet and now the deadline is past.
  • Gift for teachers- .50 cents per student for Christmas.
    • Dr. T- Patterns in the past show the teachers should be fine without the money for dry erase markers, etc. But for reading they could probably use the money there.

Dr. T- Christmas sing program. December 17th at 9:30 for B track parents and 1:00 for A track parents. Web page is up-to-date with date and times. Parents shouldn’t attend the students-only program on Monday. There isn’t room for parents along with all the students from the school.

Sara - Meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.