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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

School T-Shirt Sales + Membership Drawing Winners

The PTA will be at the school selling t- shirts on the following days:

September 17 2:15-3:30
September 23 2:15-3:30
September 25 2:15-3:30

Shirts are $5, which can be paid with cash, check, or credit/debit card. The order will be placed at the end of the month, and shirts will be delivered in October.

The PTA will also have the prizes from the PTA membership drawing available at the table for the winners who have not picked them up yet. The winners were as follows:

Heidi Balderree - Westlake t-shirt
David Bennion (or his lucky wife, Pari) - Coach handbag
Brittaney Berbert - Westlake t-shirt
Brittaney Berbert - Kneaders Christmas basket
Grayson Berbert - karate membership
Kristine Birrell - Westlake t-shirt
James Bromley - Yogurt Bliss gift card
Melissa Brown - Westlake t-shirt
Michelle Davis - Bath & Body Works + handbag
Jamie DeJong - Westlake t-shirt
Megan Dyer - Westlake t-shirt
Jeremy Eaton - Westlake t-shirt
Laurie Ferguson - Bath & Body Works + necklace
Helen Gurr - Westlake t-shirt
Lisa Hales - Westlake t-shirt
Dan Hoen - Westlake shirt
Josh Hoffman - Bath & Body Works + make-up bag
Jodi Jackson - Bath & Body Works
Heather Johnson - Westlake t-shirt
Catherine Johnson - karate membership
Lisa Jolley - Westlake shirt
Joy Layton - Bath & Body Works + make-up bag
Tyler McCann - Westlake t-shirt
Stephanie Norris - Westlake t-shirt
Seth Norwood - karate membership
Patricia Norwood - Westlake t-shirt
Mrs. Phillip - $50 Walmart gift card (teacher drawing)
Jenny Raventos - Mr. Hotshine gift card
Annie Robbins - Bath & Body Works
Jamie Sanders - Bath & Body Works
Jamie Schmidt - Westlake t-shirt
Jason Shaw - Mister Hotshine gift card
Erin Shaw - Westlake t-shirt
Wade Sticht - Yogurt Bliss gift card
Kristin Stout - karate membership
Julie Warburton - Bath & Body Works + make-up bag
Charlyn Webster - Westlake t-shirt
Gretchen Willard - Westlake shirt
Deanna Williams - Westlake t-shirt
Amy Wilson - Westlake t-shirt
Laura Woodbury - Bath & Body Works + necklace

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