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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Smith's Earn & Learn

Did you know Smith's will give money to the school for your purchases if you enroll in the Earn & Learn program and tie your Fresh Values card to Saratoga Shores? Our school has earned several thousand dollars from this program in past years. We'll earn even more if we have more participation (and less if people don't renew their memberships, which expire every September and must be renewed).

If you're already enrolled in the program, it only takes 30 seconds at the register for you to renew your membership. A bar code will print on the bottom of your receipt when you buy groceries. Ask the cashier to re-enroll you with the same school. Any cashier can do it, and it's seriously speedy. Carolyn did mine, and it took about 10 seconds, no lie.

If you aren't enrolled in the program, just take your Fresh Values card to the customer service area and tell them you'd like to enroll in the Earn & Learn program. They'll take your card, scan it, find Saratoga Shores' bar code in their binder and scan it--and that's it. It's also easy to enroll online by clicking HERE.

You can also ask your parents and neighbors to enroll in the program, even if they don't have children at the school. It all adds up to easy money for our school.

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