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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 6-10

The following is a suggested daily schedule for Teacher Appreciation Week. Remember these are just suggestions. Room moms may alter the schedule to meet the teacher's suggestions.

Monday -- Door Decorations
Door decorations can be done after school on the Friday before (May 3) or Monday morning (May 6). Some teachers prefer a simple poster board placed on their door instead of having the entire door covered or even a thank you card instead of a poster.

Tuesday -- Have a Snack-tacular Day
Students can bring in one of their teacher's favorite snacks. Some room moms have a teacher survey that provides information about the teacher's favorite things, and they can share that information with parents. Other parents just need to ask the teacher.

Wednesday -- You are a few of our Favorite Things
Encourage students to be creative! They can bring in a small gift for their teacher or ask the students to make their teacher a thank you card, bring in a flower, or create a craft or draw a picture with the teacher's favorite color. Many possibilities!

Thursday -- "Thanks for helping us get supplied for life!"
Ask your teacher if he/she is in need of any classroom supplies.

Friday -- "A Night Out"
We encourage Room Moms to ask in advance for each student to bring a donation ($1 or whatever they would like to contribute) for a group gift card to give the teacher on Friday. Make sure to let it be known that no student is obligated to provide a donation -- strictly voluntary! Even if you only collect $10, that is great. Teachers love to receive gift cards to a favorite store to buy books or supplies for their classroom (Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, etc.) or even to a favorite restaurant for a night out for themselves.

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