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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 6-10

The following is a suggested daily schedule for Teacher Appreciation Week. Remember these are just suggestions. Room moms may alter the schedule to meet the teacher's suggestions.

Monday -- Door Decorations
Door decorations can be done after school on the Friday before (May 3) or Monday morning (May 6). Some teachers prefer a simple poster board placed on their door instead of having the entire door covered or even a thank you card instead of a poster.

Tuesday -- Have a Snack-tacular Day
Students can bring in one of their teacher's favorite snacks. Some room moms have a teacher survey that provides information about the teacher's favorite things, and they can share that information with parents. Other parents just need to ask the teacher.

Wednesday -- You are a few of our Favorite Things
Encourage students to be creative! They can bring in a small gift for their teacher or ask the students to make their teacher a thank you card, bring in a flower, or create a craft or draw a picture with the teacher's favorite color. Many possibilities!

Thursday -- "Thanks for helping us get supplied for life!"
Ask your teacher if he/she is in need of any classroom supplies.

Friday -- "A Night Out"
We encourage Room Moms to ask in advance for each student to bring a donation ($1 or whatever they would like to contribute) for a group gift card to give the teacher on Friday. Make sure to let it be known that no student is obligated to provide a donation -- strictly voluntary! Even if you only collect $10, that is great. Teachers love to receive gift cards to a favorite store to buy books or supplies for their classroom (Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, etc.) or even to a favorite restaurant for a night out for themselves.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Carnival - April 26

The Spring Carnival is coming to Saratoga Shores on April 26, and it's gonna be great! There will be food, game and activity booths, a dunk tank, a Sugar Shuffle, and inflatables. Mark your calendar now, and plan to attend this fun, family event.

5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
School gym, playground & field

How much will things cost?

There will be several FREE things, so if you want to come but you don't want to spend any money, go for it! (Free things will include  face "painting," hair tinsel, spray color, soda can ring toss, duck pond and fishing with prizes, hula hoop contest, bean bag toss & football toss. In addition, every child who comes will get a free glow bracelet.)

Everything else will cost tickets. $10 for a white meal deal ticket, 50 cents for blue tickets that go toward other food and activities.

Pizza meal deal (medium pizza, 6 BYU brownies, 6 waters/Capri Suns): $10 (one white ticket)
Single slice of pizza: 2 tickets
Single BYU brownie: 2 tickets
Water or Capri Sun: 1 ticket

Popcorn: 1 ticket
Cotton candy: 1 ticket (Will be premade this year! NO insane lines!)
Otter Pop: 1 ticket OR one Box Top
Sugar Shuffle: 1 ticket

Train ride: 2 tickets
Inflatable slide or obstacle course: 2 tickets
Dunk tank (3 balls to try to dunk a teacher!): 2 tickets

You can buy tickets in the gym on the evening of the carnival, or you can pre-purchase them on Wednesday (4/24) or Thursday (4/25) during lunch - 11:00 until noon OR all day 7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. on Friday, April 26, outside the front office.

Can I help with anything?

The PTA is looking for volunteers to help with food, money, booths and to bring things for the Sugar Shuffle. Please click HERE to volunteer your time or HERE to bring items for the Sugar Shuffle. Thank you!