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Thursday, March 7, 2013

PTA Executive Committee Elected

Jackie Fellingham, Kelcy Furey, Justyn Petersen, Patty Brown, Sheryle Coray, Ilene Heninger
Saratoga Shores PTA members present at the PTA meeting on Tuesday, March 5, elected the PTA executive committee for next year.

President: Kelcy Furey
President-elect: Jackie Fellingham
VP Legislative: Heather Williamson (not pictured - She was visiting Capitol Hill)
VP Leadership: Sheryle Coray
VP Membership: Justyn Petersen
Secretary: Patty Brown
Treasurer: Ilene Heninger

Thanks, ladies, for agreeing to keep the PTA running smoothly at Saratoga Shores for another year!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Battle of the Books Volunteers Needed

Click HERE to sign up to help with Battle of the Books this week if you can. Our first day of battles was today, and they will continue through Friday, March 8.

The most urgently slots are highlighted in green on the sign-up sheet. If there is no second volunteer in a slot, the teacher will fill in as the reader. The sign-up sheet shows the classroom where your battle will be taking place, so you'll know where to go. Please check in at the media center first, about 15 minutes before your battle (or the first of your battles if you are doing more than one in a row).

It's fun and easy to volunteer! If you've never done it before, just check in at the front office. Then go to the media center about 15 minutes ahead of your volunteer time, and Gina Christensen will give you some quick training.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Battle of the Books Volunteers Needed

Gina Christensen, our school librarian, is looking for some parents who are willing to be judges for America's Battle of the Books, which begins TOMORROW (March 4) and continues through March 8 at Saratoga Shores. It's fun and easy to be a judge. If you haven't had prior experience, just check in at the office and go to the media center a little before your battle, and Mrs. Christensen will tell you how it works. Thank you!

CLICK HERE to sign up.