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Monday, November 26, 2012

Box Tops + Soup Labels

The Box Tops and Campbell's soup labels competition is rolling right along. Some classes have certainly submitted more labels and Box Tops than others. There isn't a visual display of the contest in the hallway yet, but our coordinator, Erica McKee, is counting and keeping a class tally already.

You can submit Box Tops and soup labels in any quantity. It's nice if you clip them neatly, but it's not a requirement. We do ask that if you use collection sheets (available HERE), you only attach Box Tops, not soup labels--and please use glue or tape, not staples.

If you submit soup labels, we don't need the whole label, but we DO need the UPC code not just the picture of the cute little guy holding the pencil or the red square with the logo. There are Labels for Education UPC codes on all Campbell's soup products, lots of Progresso soups, Pepperidge Farm products, Glad and Bic products, Prego, V8, Danimals--lots of products you may be buying.

The following graphics show the Labels for Education proofs of purchase as they need to be returned. Thanks for helping us make this program a success at Saratoga Shores!

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