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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dads Day @ Saratoga Shores

Tomorrow, March 2, is our second (and final) Dads Day at Saratoga Shores for this school year. All dads are invited to come to school at lunch time.

The PTA will provide a FREE LUNCH, which you can eat with your student. We will also have some extra cookies and chips that you can buy for 50 cents as a treat for your student if you wish. Then you can go out play games like foursquare, tetherball, and basketball during lunch recess. If the weather is too bad to go outside, there will be indoor activities, but right now we're guessing it will be an outside recess day.

Here is the lunch schedule for each class:

11:03 1st grade - Schmidt & Earle
11:08 1st grade - Geddes & Saxton
11:13 2nd grade - Casey & Bradley
11:17 2nd grade - Lewis & Peterson
11:21 2nd grade - Larsen
11:25 3rd grade - Thurston & Burgon
11:29 3rd grade - Durfee & Goodman
11:32 3rd grade - Gorham
11:35 5th grade - Rasband & Ross
11:38 5th grade - Ferre & Johnson
11:40 6th grade - Brady & Cook
11:43 6th grade - Emett & Gurr
11:48 4th grade - Lindeman, Geyerman & Zito
11:50 4th grade - Norris & West

Lunch recess ends at the following times:

1st grade 11:45
2nd grade 11:55
3rd grade 12:05
4th grade 12:25
5th grade 12:15
6th grade 12:20

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