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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Entertainment Books Due Tomorrow

The Saratoga Shores PTA fund-raiser ends tomorrow. Please turn in your money for purchased Entertainment books, and return any book that you are not going to purchase. It is easy to recoup your $25 by using just a few of the coupons in the book.

If you want to support the PTA without purchasing an Entertainment book, you can make a straight donation (tax-deductible), payable to Saratoga Shores PTA.

The PTA will use the money earned from the fund-raiser to pay for additional books for the take-home reading library, school newsletters, the Reflections program, the Room Mom social, Teacher of the Month awards, Donut Dates, Red Ribbon Week, Teacher Appreciation, and Field Day. If we don't meet our fund-raising goal of $6000, we will adjust the PTA budget to support fewer programs this year.

Thanks for supporting the PTA!

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