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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Soup Labels

There is some confusion over Campbell's soup labels vs. Box Tops for Education. Saratoga Shores collects both, but they do not go to the same place when we turn them in. We can't turn in collection sheets that include both Box Tops and soup labels. Also, we need the UPC portion of the soup label. The picture below shows several Campbell's soup labels that could be redeemed. (They don't look the same on every can and package.)
Thanks for turning in your Box Tops and soup labels. It's a great way for the school to earn "free" money!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

School Improvement Plan

The 2010 CRT performance scores indicate that Saratoga Shores made Adequate Yearly Progress with a whole school proficiency score of 85% and with a progress score of 217. Our sub-groups scored at the 73% level with a progress score of 205, not quite hitting the target expectation but making sufficient progress to get a pass. The only sub-group not making the mark were the students with disabilities; we had 90 students in this sub-group.  For the coming school year, our goal is to increase our progress score by 10 progress points over the 2011 score, which will be revealed in August 2011.

Language Arts Goal
88% of our students passed AYP with a proficiency language arts score of 3 or better. This represents a progress score of 213. The acceptable range is progress score of 176.

This year our language arts goal is to increase the percentage of students passing proficiency by 5%, or a whole school language arts proficiency of 93%.

Math Goal
80% of our students achieved a proficiency score with a 3 or better. This represents a progress score of 222. Our math goal is to increase the percentage of students passing with proficiency scores of 3 or better by 5%.

Target Students
We will target all students in the school to increase the level of proficiency; however, special emphasis will be placed on proper interventions in supporting the at-risk subgroups at the school, especially the students with disabilities.

While we want to have all students improve their language arts and math proficiency, we recognize that 55.5% of our present 90 students classified as students with a disability did not pass the CRT with proficiency in Language Arts, and 43.5 % of this same group did not pass with proficiency. The school will be downsized by approximately 28% next year; however, the projected number of students with disabilities that will be leaving the school will be less than that proportion of students.

Costs for School Improvement Plan
5 aides    16 hours @ $8.50 per hours for 25 weeks      $17,000.00
   Benefits    @ .22                                                            3,740.00
Copy aide    25 hours @ $8.50                                            212.50
    Benefits    @ .22                                                                46.75
Conferences & workshops                                                2,004.29
Technology - total cost of using the network                       2,000.00
CTL/teacher summer collaboration 227 hours @ $17.50    3972.50
    Benefits    @ .22                                                              873.95
Total                                                                             $29,850.00

Action Step #1
Provide opportunity for staff members to work on math fluency expectations based on the new state common core. The end product will be daily math review sheets, time tests and time lines for mastery.

Time Line
Using the common math core, teachers will work  under the direction of their curriculum team leader (CTL) during the summer of 2011 for 7.5  hours  paid time.

Estimated Resources
The cost of teacher work time will be $3972.00, plus $873.95 for benefits.

Progress on Step #1
Teachers will meet in June through early August to have the math fluency program ready to go by August 15, 2011.

Action Step #2
Hiring and training the STAR Tutors, copy aide and  the reading fluency coach. These aides will be supervised by a teacher with a reading endorsement that will be paid from school funds.

Time Line
Have aides hired by August 10, 2011, and have them trained at State Office in-service.

Estimated Cost
The aides will be paid at $8.50 per hour and will work for 16 hours weekly for 25 weeks during the school year.  The approximate cost of the aides, including the copy aide will be $17212.5, with $3786.75  in benefits.

Persons Responsible
The principal will select the supervising teacher and will hire the aides.

Progress on Step #2
We will look for previously trained aides or employees who have worked with these programs.

Action Step #3
A teacher in-service component will be included to help teachers better understand the new state common core math objectives and standards, State Core Academy opportunities, CITES Literacy Promise Conference, and other district sponsored trainings that focus on math and literacy.

Time Lines
Teachers interested in attending the State Sponsored Summer institute must register in the spring according to the timeline set by the state. Other district training sessions will be made available to teachers as offered to teams and individuals.

Estimated Resources
District sponsored workshops are free, and substitutes will be paid by the district. The CITES conference will be paid from Trust Land funds at the cost of $279 per teacher, with a maximum of 5 representatives from the school.

Responsible Person
The principal and the secretary will handle invitations to attend and will pay for the expenses of attendance at the conferences and workshops.

Progress on Step #3
Attendees will give a formal presentation to the staff to share “take aways” gleaned from their in-service attendance.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kindergarten Donut Date This Friday, April 22

Kindergarteners are encouraged to invite their dad, mom, or another adult family member or friend to their Donut Date this Friday. You can bring your own books or choose reading material from the classroom. Parents do not need to check in at the office; you can go straight to the classroom. If you can find someone to tend preschool children while you go to the Donut Date, that is the best option but you can bring youngsters if you need to. Students who do not have a parent join them will be invited to read with another student.

Morening kindergarten time: 9:15 - 9:45 a.m.
Afternoon kindergarten time: 12:40 - 1:10 p.m.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Public Notice from ASD

Alpine School District is required to give public notice before destroying archived special education records. If you were born between January 1, 1984, and December 31, 1985, received special education services through Alpine School District, and want to claim your records before they are destroyed, please contact Lacey Jackson 801-610-8461 before Friday, November 11, 2011. Records will be destroyed December 30, 2011.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Box Tops Contest Coming Soon!

Gather your Box Tops & watch for a flyer coming home about a contest that will run through May 13. The classes that collect the most Box Tops for our end-of-year drive will win an ice cream party.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Track Requests

Track request forms were sent home with students today for both Saratoga Shores and Thunder Ridge. The paper is light green. You need to fill out one form per family. If you already did one for kindergarten and listed all the students from your family who will be at the school next year, you don't need to fill out another form.

Forms will be accepted at the front office between April 18 and May 12.

If you are moving out of school boundaries during the summer, please let the front office know. That information helps plan for the upcoming year. Thanks!