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Friday, December 31, 2010

Merriest Teachers of the Month

Because we had so many votes, the PTA awarded four Teachers of the Month in December.

Mrs. Tippetts (6th grade) was the top winner with over 60 votes!
Mrs. Tippetts
The other winners were Mrs. Tucker (2nd grade), Mr. Young (4th grade), and Mrs. Cook (6th grade).
Mrs. Tucker

Mr. Young

Mrs. Cook

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November's Turkey-riffic Teachers

The 5th graders showed their consistency in being big voters. November's overall Turkey-riffic Teacher of the Month was Mrs. Geyerman, who is a long-term substitute teacher.
Mrs. Hacking (5th grade) was the Turkey-riffic teacher for the upper grades.
Mrs. Thurston (3rd grade) was the Turkey-riffic teacher for grades K - 3.
Parents as well as students are encouraged to vote for Teachers of the Month. There's a box in the front office where you can drop a note any time with the teacher's name and why you believe he or she should be the Teacher of the Month. The last day of the December is the deadline for January's teachers of the month.

October's Spooktactular Teachers of the Month

I know it's very late to post October Teacher of the Month winners, but we do want to recognize them late rather than not at all. This year we are honoring more than one teacher per month, since we have so many wonderful teachers at our school. Remember, both parents and students can nominate teachers. There's a box in the office where you can turn in your votes.

Mr. Dias (5th grade) was overall Spooktacular Teacher for October:

Mr. Brady (6th grade) was the Spooktacular teacher chosen from grades 4-6:

Mrs. Saxton (1st grade) was the Spooktacular teacher chosen from Grades K-3:

Friday, December 3, 2010

Westlake High School Changes Being Considered

The Saratoga Shores PTA works with other schools to get information to parents. If you have a student at Westlake (or you will next year), this information is relevant to you. Otherwise, you can ignore it.

Lisa Gibby is a member of the school community council at Westlake High School, representing the Saratoga Shores community. If you have a student at Saratoga Shores and also a student at Westlake High School, Lisa needs to hear any feedback you may have on a couple of items. They are:
1.  The school is looking at the way it does Parent/Teacher Conferences. At the last conference, we had less than a 25% turnout of parents. The idea that our principal has proposed is to have each teacher be available 2-3 times a term for "office time" when the parents and students could set up an appointment to meet with the teacher individually and doing away with the traditional parent/teacher conference.
2.  The school wants to improve the way class schedule changes are made. If your student tried to change his/her schedule during the class change days at the beginning of the year, you know what a difficult process it was. The school is looking at allowing the parents or student to contact the counselors during the summer through e-mail and making those changes before school begins.
If you have opinions about either of these policy changes, please contact Lisa at Thank you.