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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Screaming Coupons

Check out Screamin Coupons & their amazing daily deals.

I’m on Screamin Coupons daily e-mail, and I just got a coupon to Wallaby’s restaurant in Lindon that will get me $15 of food for $7.00 and I got 4 coupons. I’m going to use it for a Father’s Day Gift. The coupons are good until November. It’s a 53% savings. And 5%-10% of the money will go towards Saratoga Shores (because that’s my local benefit that I chose). 

Of course I want everyone to sign up and select Saratoga Shores! The school that signs up the most people will get a $500 bonus! So pass this on!

The other day they had a local spa over in Orem that had a 60% off coupon on their spa services and yesterday it was 50% off handmade Kettle Corn.
The best thing about it is that it’s totally FREE. All you do is sign up and which county you want daily deals from and choose which school you want to benefit! And you choose any or none of the deals that come your way. It will send you the deals from Utah County and Salt Lake County if that’s your preference! Happy Day! --Heather Kuntz

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