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Monday, June 28, 2010

PTA looking for help with radKIDS

RadKids is a Personal Empowerment Safety Education and Violence Prevention Program for Children. This program empowers kids with realistic options in their own personal safety against abduction, sexual assault, bullying and abuse. For more detailed information on the program, please visit their website at 

At Saratoga Shores Elementary we have traditionally held this program for all of our 3rd grade classes. PTA helps organize and support the program while teachers and parent volunteers train the students during the  school day.

We did not run the program last year for various reasons one of which was that we needed another trained parent instructor.

So for the new school year 2010-2011 we're recommitting PTA and the school to the radKIDS program. Our goal for the new school year is to have all of the 3rd and 4th grade students go through the program throughout the year. 

In order to carry out this goal we need one parent volunteer (male or female) who would be willing to attend the next instructor training program held on August 4th - August 7th in Provo (Saratoga Shores Elem. will cover the cost of the program). This parent instructor would be used throughout the year to help train our students in the radKIDS program. Therefore they would be needed at various times during the school year and during the school day.

What a cool way to give back to the community and help all our students stay safe!

If you're interested in helping us run the radKIDS program and attending the instructor training session, please contact Heather ASAP at Thanks!

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