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Sunday, May 23, 2010

May's Out of This World Teacher of the Month

Mrs. Durtschi is May's Teacher of the Month!
Reasons why:
“I vote for Mrs. Durstchi because she is an amazing teacher whenever someone doesn’t understand she walks us through it with no frustration.” --Tanner

“I think Mrs. Durtschi should be teacher of the month, because she has a good sense of humor and she is patient, and she also makes social studies exciting! I’m glad she is my teacher!” --Taylor W.

“She is really nice and is always trying hard in what she does!” --Kenzie

“She is nice and is always willing to help her students and explains every little detail which is good.” --Emma

“She is patient and understanding with us.” --Charlie

“She takes care of twins at home and thirty at school. Thanks for being a great teacher!”

“She is the best A.L.L. teacher you could ever find. She makes learning so much fun! She is awesome!” --Maryn

Mrs. Durtschi is leaving Saratoga Shores this year, after having been with us since the school opened in the 2004-2005 school year. She is moving to Colorado. We'll miss you, Mrs. Durtschi!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Field Day a Big Success

Field Day turned out to be a big success this year. The weather cooperated, and the Dr. Suess games were fun, fun, fun. Grades 1-3 did their activities in the morning, and grades 4-6 did theirs in the afternoon. The kindergarten classes had their own activities in the kindergarten playground and school courtyard. Thanks to the P.E. teacher, Colleen Smith, for organizing everything and to the PTA and parents and teachers who made it all work.