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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pot of Gold Teacher of the Month

The Teacher of the Month for March is Mr. Ferre!
Some reasons why were:

"I would like if Mr. Ferre won because he is the reason I really want to learn. He is the reason I want to come to school and do math, science, and language arts and social studies. He is always an entertainer but always on task. We have learned more than we need to." Karlie A.

"I would like to vote for Mr. Ferre. Mr Fere is one of the reasons I want to learn. I love school because of him." Zoie Jayn H.

" I vote Mr. Ferre because he always works hard to make sure we get the assignments. He likes to teach and learn." Sara

"He handles 35 kids well and is nice"

"Mr. Ferre is the best teacher he helps me understand things better, is nice, fun, funny, and the best teacher in the world." Trevor

"Mr. Ferre because he pushes us to the limit." Payne

"Mr. ferre because he trys to make everything fair." Sara F.

"Mr. Ferre because he is so fun to be around. He is the only reason why I come to school." Maren

"Mr. Ferre. He is nice and makes everyone feel good and never yells, never gets mad, he is so cool." Autumn

"Mr Ferre, he is a great example and a great guy."

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