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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nominating Committee Needed

The PTA needs to form a nominating committee in December. The nominating committee is made up of 3-5 members of the PTA. They meet together and come up with names of people who might be interested and willing to serve on the PTA executive committee for the following school year. The nominating committee meets together a few times, and then the responsibility is finished. Members of the nominating committee cannot serve on the executive committee themselves. The names of those they nominate are placed on the ballot for the PTA election, and PTA members elect the committee members. (For Saratoga Shores, the executive committee includes the president, president-elect, treasurer, secretary, leadership VP and legislative VP.)

The new middle school is also forming a nominating committee. Saratoga Shores needs to provide one committee member; other schools that will feed into the new middle school will also provide nominating committee members.

If you are willing to be on the nominating committee for either Saratoga Shores OR the new middle school, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Ashlie, at Thanks!

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